16 July - 30 October 2020

Consinee Group

Brand Profile

Established in 1999 by Boris Xue, located in the beautiful Chinese coastal city of Ningbo. Consinee Group has emerged to become the world leader in luxury yarns, offers cashmere yarns to the world’s top fashion brands. As the only Chinese factory, accepted by Pitti Filati. Consinee is the pioneer in organic cashmere, China’s only green and eco-friendly enterprise, produces over 10,000tons of yarn annually with over 2,000tons made of cashmere - making it China’s largest exporter of cashmere. The company’s 100 percent cashmere and cashmere blended yarns (that includes silk, cotton, wool and yak blends) as well as other natural yarns can be found in products by many luxury fashion apparel brands. The company is structured in a way that integrates the design, development, production and fulfillment of yarns for woolen and worsted spinning, novelty yarn and special polymer materials. The main market of Consinee is in Europe and the United States, accounting for 65% of the group’s business, which is then followed by Japan, China and others. Consinee has offices in the United States, Germany, Japan, Russia and Hong Kong, and agents or sales representatives in 25 countries and regions. Since 2018, Consinee presents an annual fashion show in New York City in July, in order to better show customers the use and development of various types of yarns.