Pitti Filati Players Vol. 1
Edition 88
A section devoted to the stars at this edition of Pitti Filati: the companies that have opted to present their new collections for Spring/Summer 2022 on the Pitti Connect digital platform.
From the cult names of the knitwear world to the youngest companies whose business philosophy centers on eco-sustainability – here are the top name brands featured in this first episode! 
An Italian excellence: history, a working method, creative flair and manufacturing savvy that have changed the very profile of knitwear in Italy and abroad. An entirely in-house, integrated production process for 100% Made in Italy yarn products that are showcased each season in three different collections: Lineapiù, fancy and classic high-fashion-content yarns; Filclass, for young knitwear; Lineapiù Knit Art for the needlework market. Over the years, Lineapiù has been responsible for introducing many important novelties that revolutionized the history of knitwear, such as the first 100% viscose yarn; or Relax, a yarn with containing carbon to shield against electromagnetic pollution; or the filo d’aria: hollow, lightweight and airy to protect against abrupt temperature changes. And more recently, other innovative yarns such as Lumen, a new photosensitive yarn, and Paper Knit, a yarn made of . . . paper!
The S/S 2022 collection from Alpes is the end product of in-depth, informed research directed toward interpreting both the generalized spirit of our time and our personal emotions, so sorely tried by the difficulties now confronting us. Our attention to the vital theme of sustainable production, respectful of the environment and of people, continues to grow. For us, this means product certification to guarantee traceability all the way back up the supply chain; what’s more, our imperative to source our materials in harmony with nature dovetails with our desire to always provide perfect, beautiful garments that are made to last.
Alpes responds to these needs with fine, high-quality yarns manufactured from selected and controlled – and at the same time sustainable – raw materials. To better meet the exigencies of the moment, the cotton yarns are available with the special Sanitized® antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment, guaranteed for 20 wash cycles.
Creativity, quality and service are the core concerns for this world leader in manufacture and sale of yarns and woven and knit fabrics. In the new collection, the company showcases yarns of great character that are skilled in multitasking. For outdoor clothing and activewear that is just as exciting and attractive indoors and in the workplace; and for more versatile, glamorous homewear. The starting point is of course the fiber and its sustainability: materials must meet precise criteria of practicality and ease of use while incorporating innovation and eye-catching appeal. The collection’s yarns are divided into five macro-categories: high performance/ dynamic; natural/ bucolic; comforting/ nurturing; precious/ sophisticated; joyful/ optimistic. The most basic cottons and linens, their colors and structures, spin in perfect harmony with nature in the season’s must-haves.


Ilaria Manifattura Lane stands for the values of creativity and efficiency in manufacturing for the world of fashion. Ilaria’s is a tradition made of bright novelties conjuring a new renaissance based on a fusion of style and fifty years’ experience. For production that looks to the past while reaching into the future with highly technological yarns developed to create more pleasing, more natural tactile sensations within utterly sophisticated looks. The key effects emerge in subtle mélanges that are soft, frothy and protective in the noblest fiber blends. Shaggy yarns with a wild look are tempered by the high quality of raw materials that always retain their soft, warm hand. Opaque and silky looks cohabit to create felted and ultra-light gauzy effects. And at this edition, the debut of an exceptional new yarn for the company’s fiftieth anniversary: a “weightless” 50000 nm Super Kid (the number recalls the anniversary) featuring an exceptionally fine count and a unique radiance.
The distinctive attribute of the Lanificio dell’Olivo collections is their high creativity quotient which, when propelled by the force of the imagination, shapes a holistic vision made of contrasts and intelligent use of raw materials. Selections from repertoires of noble and natural fibers and innovative, modern materials combine
in new structures. The ability to conceive yarns of outstanding quality that are sustainable and able to guarantee the reliable yields that generate processing confidence, all supported by impeccable service, has always fueled the expectation created by every new collection from this Prato company. Constant research explodes in bouquets of new yarns in natural and brilliant colors, illuminated by new nuances. An approach hovering between past and future promotes new solutions and redesigns style archetypes.
Yarns research and close collaboration with suppliers elevate Maglieria GZ to the status of a reference for established brands and emerging stylists alike. The company manages the entire development and production cycle, from the idea to pattern creation, yarn selection, manufacture of the collection and finally, worldwide shipping of the finished garments. Maglieria GZ prefers working with natural yarns such as merino wool, soft and crepe cotton, and linen and silk; for technical knits, only the best high-performance technical and natural yarns will do. Many of the company’s yarns are in fact organic, and many more will become so as GZ’s guidelines turn increasingly to eco-sustainability.