Pitti Filati Players Vol. 2
Edition 88
Our discovery journey through the players at this edition of Pitti Filati continues, with more companies that have opted to present their new collections for Spring/Summer 2022 on the Pitti Connect digital platform. Check out the names featured in this second episode!

Continuity and evolution: the apparent contradiction behind the S/S 2022 collection from Tollegno 1900. The brand picks up the trail charted during the past winter season by Collection Box and completes it with new products. To integrate the nine yarn families on the roster for the company’s celebrations of its first 200 years, Tollegno 1900 has now added The Cellulosic&Organic Blends, the tessera that completes the core array and perfects the collection. With two new yarns – Flaxwool, a harmony of linen and extrafine merino wool, and Woolcot Bio, a conscious core product that combines RWS-certified extrafine merino wool and organic cotton – this new, “seasonless, green and digital” yarn family for 2022 perfectly reflects Tollegno 1900’s eco attitude. And extends to the presentation, where communication is again entrusted to a sustainable mini box built entirely of recycled cardboard. The digital component is also an important pillar of this collection, the formula for development of Harmony, the iconic Tollegno 1900 yarn that plays a key role as the lead interpreter of the company’s green-inno-tech evolution.
An awareness of ourselves and our identity in a world coming to grips with its state of health and its limitations is the primary source of inspiration for the S/S 2022 collection by Filmar. A company that since 1958 had invested research and passion in the manufacture and high-grade finishing of cotton-based yarns of very high quality. Less emphasis on “mass trends,” more on fashion that is intimate, personal and ethical; on fashion that places our identities, with all their peculiarities and points of difference, solidly at the center and in high relief. We are more focused than ever on ourselves, on others and on the environment as we struggle to keep control of a world that seems to be caroming away from us. We are less superficial as we look for confirmation and for solutions that will permit us to respect and relate to everything and everyone that surrounds and interacts with us.
The simplicity of the colors, the forms and the volumes is elegance and pure energy, the pure essence of these yarns. The new pre-Fall 22 collection by Filitaly Lab is an ideal expression of primordial emotion, interpreted as primary colors in the foreground against neutrals and pastels that are remodeled to conform to a vision once elegant and warmly inviting. Continuity, balance, and aesthetic sensibility characterize all the company’s collections. The yarns, all energetic and with strong personalities, offer infinite visual and tactile stimuli to the senses. At this moment in history, when the need to care for the health of the planet has come so forcefully to our attention, Filitaly Lab has flanked its specialty fiber – alpaca, in the finest counts – with several new, fancy yarns manufactured with such green components as certified-organic cottons and linens and recycled nylon while never skimping on the quality of the finished product.
The story of New Mill, set in Prato, textile city par excellence, is the story of a family and the art of creating carded yarns. And of a company which, ever since its founding in 1966, has been a point of reference for the fashion world. Two major collections. Green by New Mill is sustainable, certified organic and bio-based yarns, a parade of cottons, linens, slubbed and fancy cottons, viscoses and recycled and regenerated fibers; a collection that includes different looks, fine counts for lightweight and summer knits, heavier counts perfect for studies of complex knit stitches. And Fashion by New Mill: fancy, innovative, fashion-wise yarns for a second collection including precious and quintessentially summery fibers that emphasize the importance of color and structure in yarns; and slubbed, binary, wet and translucent effects: the most divers of yarns, each peculiarly unique.
Miele, with its extensive experience and philosophy of innovation, has expanded its Professional line with specialized equipment for the knitting industry. With the Profitronic M technology, manufacturers can select and customize a broad range of fulling programs designed to pamper any product, even very delicate fibers and fabrics such as wool, angora and alpaca. Fulling is an indispensible treatment for finishing woven fabrics and knits to give them their characteristic, compact and soft look and feel. Like all final fabric treatments, a delicate step in manufacture that is determinant for product quality.