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100% Filati
Edition 89
The iconic number is the theme of the Pitti Immagine summer shows
“Pitti 100” is the title-theme of the summer editions of the Pitti Immagine trade shows. The idea was first conceived and developed around Pitti Uomo, which has now arrived at its 100th edition, and then extended to Pitti Filati and Pitti Bimbo, with the “100% Filati” and “100% Bambino” format. A multifaceted graphic sign by designer Francesco Dondina – author of important fashion, design, and art and culture projects – will characterize the ad campaign and color the exhibition venues, involving the fashion community in a creative experience. A milestone and a new beginning, together in a single message.

The logo of the three events is based on a fixed element: the lettering PITTI, divided into two lines. The final “I”, through the elimination of a small space, transforms into the number “1” of 100.  The zeros, instead, slightly overlap one another in an embrace that symbolizes the intersection between the physical fair and digital one on Pitti Connect, representing the dynamic element: graphically interpreted in a hundred different ways, they become icons of a system of combinations that, just like in a creative kit, interchange with one another, adapting themselves to the various needs of communication.
100 is a strong, important, round, and promising number. It is undoubtedly an end, but –
if it is read backward, 001 – it becomes the symbol of a new beginning. Right from the
start, it appeared to us as a great opportunity for expressing the mood with which we
design and organize our summer shows, which have now finally returned to a physical

— Agostino Poletto, General Manager of Pitti Immagine

I immediately fell in love with this project because I saw a playful and open attitude in it. 100 is an expressive and positive number, inviting you to look forward. I covered it in graphic forms with warm, sunny, and joyful tones, and I made it a dynamic, fluid, system, which is never repetitive, but also capable of maintaining its own identity in the midst of change at the same time. By graphically interpreting the two zeros of one hundred in different ways, and creating the three formats of Uomo, Bimbo, and Filati, I  imagined offering an outlook that is open and adaptable to the changes that the historic period we are currently living in invites us to pursue

— Francesco Dondina, graphic designer