SHIELD is the theme of the new Spazio Ricerca
Edition 96
A/I 2025-26
Protection, shelter stability, security and wellness are the key words for the coming season.

Current climate changes lead us to think about how to protect what is dearest to us as individuals and as human beings. The trends start from reflections on our times which, in turn, bring the uncertainties and questions that are raised every day. The global political, economic and cultural scenarios send us back to the ancient issues related to our choices, our actions, our thoughts and comments: who are we? where are we? where do we come from? and where are we going? 

In a world that is constantly playing offense given the uncertainties and lack of predictability, one of the priority issues is linked to how to find – and take - shelter. From economic instability, from the drama of international conflicts, from drastic weather conditions, from the 95 million posts that are uploaded daily, from electromagnetic pollution, from the lack of widespread balance. Creating a shield is as programmatic as it is instinctive. An unconditioned reflex generated as a reaction to the unexpected from which we want to protect. 

Winter, always a season for introspection, will generate new thoughts and ideas whether we are sheltered in our own shell or cocoon at a controlled distance from the chaos outside. But this is not a message conveying closure but thoughts about a more beautiful inner life.

Nature is the main source of inspiration for this theme – nature as a refuge and inspiration.
Art inspired by nature and transforming it into symbols will have a far-reaching influence in defining atmospheres and details injecting new lifeblood into fashions that only look simple, fashions that will highlight technical specificities as elements of style. Nature and her beauty inspire art; the art of savoir faire pays tribute to nature restoring beauty and harmony. The combination of Nature and Art will define the atmospheres and meanings of the new collections placing the accent on humankind’s role in perceiving, creating, preserving, and conveying. Creativity will be the new frontier of luxury through products with high craft content and value even if they look apparently simple.

The four themes are inspired by just as many ways of interpreting the concept of shelter, and an equal number of good luck symbols for the coming season: the egg, the shell, the beetle, and the tree. 
The first theme, evokes the quest for harmony and perfection taking its inspiration from the egg. Symbolically, the egg represents rebirth, the ceaseless renewal of emotions, and of the new. It resembles a lifeless stone, but within its hard yet fragile shell it contains the fluid chaos of existence.
The second theme, evokes the quest for beauty and protection inspired by seashells. A symbol of prosperity and rebirth, when associated with the sea the shell symbolized the source of fertility. Everything comes from the sea and the shell takes us back to the concept of the womb and the birth of humanity. It is a symbol of love and birth as well as abundance, luck and protection from evil. 
The third theme, inspired by Coleopterans, evokes the quest for transformation and regeneration. With about 350,000 described species, in 24 superfamilies, and 235 families, Coleoptera is the largest of all orders of living organisms, including plants, on earth. 
The fourth theme, inspired by trees, evokes the quest for shelter and wellness.
The tree has been the symbol of life throughout history and in all cultures. It represents the power of adaptation and rebirth because it renews itself endlessly, taking nourishment from the sacred fountain of the earth.