MILESTONE is the theme of the new Spazio Ricerca
Edition 94
Spring / Summer 2025
The trends for the 2025 spring/summer season fit into a general context ruled by the quest for security and real values. Except for a few, rare exceptions, the big names in fashion confirm an orientation towards understated and less personal luxury. Fashions will be iconic and timeless, bound more to the product than to fleeting themes. Less concept, more substance. 

The stone is the symbol for the coming season. It represents a concentrate of the force of nature; an energy that goes beyond imagination since nature is the greatest spiritual being of which humanity is part. A force that is intrinsic in its formation. A symbol that identifies a place, a passage, a landscape. An object that has survived time. We call it MILESTONE. The stone which, since Roman times, marks distance on public roads. An invitation to a journey punctuated by stages in the sense of milestones of beauty and astonishment. An invitation to experience time at another speed, giving it a different weight. A journey through time and space to grasp and savor our planet’s extraordinary nature that goes beyond the imagination. And that includes the artificial as well.

The trends develop in three color and tactile themes, inspired by thirty of the planet’s most inspiring places that are as real as they are incredible and divided into three groups by special affinities and chromatic suggestions. 
The first theme, evokes temperature variations from cold to hot.

Fluidity permits smoothness and harmony.
And the fluidity that connects this theme’s places is very special indeed.
The second vibrant theme.

Tactility permits understanding and perception.
The places that inspire this theme share a very special sense of touch/tactility.
The third theme, is sophisticated and mineral.

Concreteness makes it possible to be real and effective in terms of expression and action. The places that inspire this theme share a very unusual sense of material.