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CKD Master Cube. The fashion film by Accademia Costume & Moda and Modateca Deanna at Pitti Filati
Edition 89
Pitti Filati hosts the screening of CKD Master Cube, the fashion film - inspired by the dark atmospheres of Lars Von Trier and David Lynch - showcasing the final works and the Industry projects of the students of the 1st level Master in Creative Knitwear Design (CKD Master) of Accademia Costume & Moda, made in collaboration with Pitti Immagine and Modateca Deanna.
The master is aimed at those who want to learn or improve specific skills related to the design of knitwear and jersey collections. This edition saw the participation of as many as 54 companies from the Italian manufacturing district, such as knitwear factories, yarn manufacturers, printers, embroiderers, dyers, and artisan workshops. The creativity of the young designers has been channeled into capsule collections worn by the inhabitants of the imaginary city of CKD Ville, creating a visual liaison between the different creative expressions within the collections. In the CKD Master Cube fashion film, each collection is showcased in a different location, which represents it: from high school to the jazz club, the cafeteria, and the nursery. Each place comes to life through the fantastic characters wearing the looks created by the CKD Master students with the technical support of the knitwear companies, yarn manufacturers, and all the partners who supported this educational project with generosity and foresight.
The partner companies of this edition were:
The yarn manufacturers: Be.mi.va, Cariaggi Lanificio, Casa del Filato, Emilcotoni, Filati Biagioli Modesto, Filpucci, Iafil, Ilaria Manifattura Lane, Interfil TP, Lanificio dell’Olivo, Lineapiù Italia, Manifattura Sesia, Millefili, Servizi e Seta, Tollegno 1900, Toscano, Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia.

The knitwear companies: Artemaglia Fashion, Corazzari, Della Rovere, Divina Mode, Gruppo Dondi, Imax, Innocenti, Maglificio Marilina, Maglificio Loredana, Mas, Mely’s, Metaphor Italy, MRC Knitwear, Nuova Ester, Paima, Shima Seiki Italia, SMT, STOLL, Trame Trevigiane, Volcar, Zanni Maglieria.

The labs: Art Design, Blu Di Prussia, Maglia Conf, Staff Ricami, Stamperia Europa, Tintoria Rosta Nuova, Wool Street.