Pitti Filati 88 is online on Pitti Connect
Edition 88
Until 5 April 2021, the SS22 collection of the best Italian and international yarn manufacturers, latest ideas, trends, events and special projects
Until 5 April 2021, the new edition of Pitti Filati will present the collections for Spring-Summer 2022 of a selection of excellent yarn manufacturers on the digital platform of Pitti Immagine, thanks also to the precious support of Agenzia ICE and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of International Cooperation.
The online launch of Pitti Filati chronologically follows the start of our other events on the Connect platform. This is the tool we have made available to our exhibitors for presenting their new collections in a digital format and creating connections with international buyers.  We aim to showcase around 50 international yarn mills on Connect for whom, at this moment, the digital format represents an important service for supporting their presentations.  We do not only intend to accompany them in the sales campaign: with a series of leading Filati yarn manufacturers we are devising new formats and exciting digital processes which will go online in the next few weeks. They will narrate, from the inside, the extraordinary work being carried out by the companies at this time when, more than ever, it is essential to give a boost to research and sustainability.  These fundamental values will also be showcased in the other special events and editorial projects that we will be presenting on Connect: from the Accademia Costume & Moda Master’s course fashion film to the Spazio Ricerca, which successfully – and also digitally – offers important input to the top community of creatives and style bureaus of international brands which constitute our reference public.  And that’s not all: other special collaborations will be revealed in the next few days

— Agostino Poletto, general manager of Pitti Immagine

There is a great desire to return to the physical format. The Pitti Filati companies have been some of the most reactive elements involved in attempting to hold our events in person.  This reflects the great dynamism and enormous creativity expressed by yarns and knitwear.  Despite the objective losses in terms of turnover determined by the health emergency, there is an incredible determination to look to the future and to start thinking already about when we can meet up again at the fair.  At this moment in time the digital format offers a valuable alternative and Pitti Connect places itself at the service of the fashion system: in fact, I am thinking about the synergy with Milano Unica, also realized online utilizing Connect, which is ideally a unique platform for maximizing semi-finished products

— Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti Immagine

NEW NEW: the new Spazio Ricerca

NEW NEW is the theme of the new Spazio Ricerca curated by Angelo Figus and Nicola Miller dedicated to the yarn collections for spring/summer 2022.  Three macro trends will be used to analyze what has happened in recent months and that has changed us profoundly.  The effects of the lockdown are not sporadic, they run deep and the repercussions will condition our actions and our way of life for years.  In “Wild Wise” we discover nature as a new and ancient criterion in the search for wellbeing, harmony, happiness and equilibrium; in “Openly Private” the public and private dimension meet in a new manifestation where informality and disinhibition become the new stylistic signatures; in “Clean link” everything is new and optimistic, like the great expectations generated when opening a flashy new item you have just bought in a store and that you are going to wear for the first time.