The new Spazio Ricerca
Edition 92
In a moment still characterized by uncertainty and a great desire for recovery, two contrasting and opposing forces seem to always regulate the dynamics of the coming season: caution and optimism, red and green, stop and go.  Pitti Immagine would like to do things its own way: having fun and being enjoyed, giving precise directions while leaving things open to interpretation, triggering off a light, yet effective and graphic game, where the arrival is simply the next starting point.  In this context and in the context of the activities for the coming season that will see the Pitti Immagine shows develop the theme of orientation and direction, Alphabet, the new theme of the Spazio Ricerca - curated as at every edition by Angelo Figus and Nicola Miller - interprets one specific aspect: that which is put onto paper. Writing is the way in which we orient ourselves in space; paper, the virtual and real space of our project, but also of our development, growth, learning, understanding, exchange, and communication.