The snapshot of the 'As Is' performance by artist Nick Cave is the image of the campaign of this edition of Pitti Filati
Edition 87
The snapshot of the performance As Is by the dancer and sculptor Nick Cave is the image of the Out of Blue campaign of this edition of Pitti Filati, a project curated by Angelo Figus. Realized in 2016 and produced by Shreevport Regional Art Council, it is a work in which it is possible to appreciate the visual effects of his post African shamanistic costume that stands out against a sky framed by the urban skyline.

A friend of the famous singer of the same name, Nick Cave is an artist, performer, dancer and sculptor. Born in Missouri, he lives and works in Chicago. He is the creator of the Soundsuits, wearable sculptures that can produce audio and visual effects, post African shamanistic mask costumes that speak an ancestral language in technicolor, creating a spiritual and joyful transfer.
Out of the Blue
The image well represents the new theme of the Pitti Immagine summer shows, Out of the Blue. It underlines the desire to imagine an open and unconstrained season, inclined to exchanges and new contacts: it becomes, after these unimaginable months, a need and the only possible alternative to any theme. Inspired freely by the sky, the sea, the summer night stars, blue tells the symbolic value of a mystical and reconciling color, which predisposes to listening and dialoguing with others. The only one that brings together elegance, informality, and experimentation, capable of unifying all styles.