"Pitti Games" is the theme of the June shows
Edition 93
Play your game at Pitti Filati!
"Pitti Games" is the theme that defines the style and atmosphere of the upcoming Pitti Immagine fairs in June. Play,  that's the keyword. Because it refers to a challenging but creative dimension, which is synonymous with energy, commitment, and a desire to succeed. These are the ingredients that Pitti Immagine aims to showcase through fashion and lifestyle proposals, thanks to the direction of Leonardo Corallini and the coordination of creative director Angelo Figus. This approach is evident in the advertising campaign and displays at Fortezza da Basso.
For Pitti Filati, the theme is conceptualized through the game of cards, where the skilled hands of a magician twirl the deck and evoke the thread, structure, and knit through their movements. The surface of the cards intertwines and matches the gestures of a dancer whose performance, captured in slow motion, magically transforms into a texture.
You drop the ace, you shuffle the deck to arrange it in a new order, you shuffle, you wait for the joker, you make the boldest move to force the other to reveal themselves. The cards, seemingly so simple, so much the same, are surprising. In the Pitti Filati video they even manage to construct movements, geometries, symmetries, illusions. They twirl and move with virtuosity, create from a gesture new textures, trace paths, weaves, architectures. Just like yarns.

— Agostino Poletto, general director of Pitti Immagine