Edition 93
Here is the title of the new Spazio Ricerca. Play your game!
Pitti Filati and its Spazio Ricerca confirm themselves as a hub for inspiring future visions, dedicated to fostering experimentation and refining techniques and possibilities of yarn applied to knitting.

The new Spazio Ricerca for the fall/winter 2024-2025 collections, Domino, curated by Angelo Figus and Nicola Miller as in every edition, embodies the spirit of dynamism, openness, strategy, luck, thought, daring, and chance. It translates the concept of Pitti Games, the main theme of the upcoming Pitti Immagine shows, into a visual exploration of play. Play represents a challenging yet creative dimension that is synonymous with energy, commitment, and the determination to succeed. The show invites its community to actively participate in the game, to bet on their individual strategy, skills, and uniqueness, while not forgetting the importance of teamwork and past experiences. The message is to let go of the brakes and indulge in new opportunities.

The upcoming trends will encompass all types of games: elegant, sporty, sophisticated, popular, valuable, accessible, well-known, and surprising. The theme is as inclusive as the game itself, which knows no class, age, background, or limits. There is a game for every aptitude. The invitation is to take calculated risks in a more relaxed, playful, and carefree manner than before. Play the ace up your sleeve, shake up the cards, and rearrange them mathematically. Make bold and unexpected moves, discover each other's game by waiting for your turn to roll the dice, eating three checkers in a row to make checkers, staking everything on your lucky number, or declaring checkmate!
Domino will delve into various game atmospheres, interpreting the classic through the signs of Backgammon, carefully scrutinizing the chessboard, and unraveling the riddles in a strong and sophisticated crossword tournament. The show will also explore other games such as darts, bingo, billiards, and dice. Nothing is static; everything is in motion. It's time to play your game!