Pitti Filati Players Vol. 3
Edition 88
Our discovery journey dedicated to the companies that chose the Pitti Connect digital platform to present the new spring/summer 2022 collections continues. Ready for the third episode? Check it out

The result of an extraordinary experience that left behind a profound mark on our daily habits, we will not dress the same in the post-pandemic era, with our choices in style heavily influenced by what we went through. The new buzzword will become “casual”, in order to reply in a positive way to the inconveniences we experienced in recent months. We’ve had enough restrictiveness: also our choices in clothing will include comfort and softness, for a more relaxed lifestyle. The new Filpucci collection – a Tuscan spinner of historical importance in the Italian textile industry, and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end creative knitwear yarns - accompanies us into the near future, in the discovery of natural materials, in tones that are not exactly for the summer, which are designed to last over time, and created to be worn in every season. The concept of time becomes personal and is no longer objective: personal style surpasses seasonal trends, in search of a freedom that has been denied for too long. 
Sato Seni is based in the beautiful Yamagata countryside in northern Japan. Its story started in 1932, from breeding sheep and hand-spinning yarns. After nearly 90 years, a small family-run business is now one of the most unique and innovative spinners recognized around the world. Filled with cutting-edge ideas and playful creativity, Sato Seni presents collections that are increasingly creative and of inspiration.