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Pitti Filati Players Vol. 6
Edition 88
Our itinerary dedicated to this edition’s companies ends with some cult names from the world of yarns. Today dynamism, innovation and modernity embrace an even greater attention to the present and to wellbeing. Discover our protagonists here!
Amidst the greenery of the Marchigian Apennines, for over 60 years the Italian Cariaggi spinning mill has worked and selected noble cashmere, vicuna and very fine wool fibers.  Cariaggi has always guaranteed carded and worsted yarns of excellence that are exclusively Made in Italy.  Today the Cariaggi spinning mill is considered to be a successful cutting-edge company due to its use of sophisticated and increasingly environmentally friendly production methods that combine the characteristics of the noblest fibers with a totally personalized technology that guarantees and exalts typical Italian artisanal taste, creativity and quality. 
Cotonificio Olcese Ferrari
Cotonificio Olcese Ferrari presents a new collection of yarns where the concept is ‘rethinking a new future’.  The new proposal is oriented towards the use of organic, natural, sustainable and recycled raw materials used to realize multi-material yarns and delicate patterns that bestow soft and fluid tactile sensations.  Yarns that have been specially developed to satisfy the growing demands of a more mature and reflective public that is increasingly aware of the environment and the community.  An example?  Kelp, a yarn obtained from a blend of sustainable cellulose fibers, bamboo viscose and Seacell TM, which both originate from selected renewable and 100% recyclable sources.  Bamboo fiber is naturally antibacterial and biodegradable, while Seacell TM is obtained from seaweed and produced through a safe closed cycle process.
Consinee Group - Top Line
The SS2022 design for the Consinee Group – a pioneer of organic cashmere, the only green and eco-friendly firm in China – is based on creativity, a rediscovered optimism and a need to create quality fashion that offers pleasure and confidence.  After a year in which the world has been turned upside down, we have been given the rare opportunity of a blank page with which to rethink and rewrite the way we want to live, the clothes we want to wear and to understand what is important for us.  Where previously we looked to the trends for answers, today the trend has become knowing how to observe and respond to our individual needs, whether it is our environment, our home, our emotions or our conscience.  Our response to listening to these needs has become the trend itself. 
Ecafil Best
Nimbleness, lightheartedness and a desire to dream, creating a world just waiting to be invented.
The collection by Ecafil Best, a company that has made dynamism, innovation and modernity its points of reference, presents a fresh and dynamic look characterized by progress.  The mercerization considerably increases the value of the cotton fiber: cotton yarns naturally assume hypoallergenic, antibacterial characteristics, they have greater absorption and are able to disperse the body’s natural perspiration into the air.  These yarns are more resistant to frequent washing and the colors stay bright and unaltered over time; moreover, garments realized with these yarns have an unparalleled dimensional stability.  This collection is well worth discovering: yarns covered in lightness and enriched by prints as though they had been dusted with color by the delicate touch of butterfly wings.