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Pitti Filati Players Vol. 5
Edition 88
Experimentation, new aesthetic codes which always fully respect the environment for an even greener sensitivity. Here are the protagonists of the fifth episode of our itinerary dedicated to the Pitti Filati companies!
Evoluzione is the opening brief for SS 2022 from Manifattura Igea, one of the most important and best-known manufacturers of novelty yarns for knitwear.  The creative method chooses a new code of balances: innovation, experimentation, connection.  A digital spring filled with green sensitivity where the symbiosis with the surrounding environment takes us back to our original nature-based imprinting.  The springtime yarns anticipate a more elegant and sophisticated outdoor mood in the wool-mohair gauzes, marbled velvets and cotton-viscose airflows.  An interaction that finds a renewed fluidity of summer visions in the glossy and matte viscoses and tencels, as well as the fine gauges.  This dreamy wood continues its forays into organic linens and cottons in fine blends.  Paper yarn continues to have a strong identity; intertwined volumes, new mutants between artifice and nature, like spicy barks, are the botanical textures par excellence. 
Filati Naturali
Filati Naturali, together with Pecci Filati, is a preeminent hub for the production of yarns.  It embodies the experience and values of one of the most representative companies in the history of the textile district of Prato: the Lanificio Pecci.  The mission of the Filati Naturali brand, which is focused on research into raw materials and the evolution of combed yarns, is the explicit quality of the high range materials for redefining the new outstanding contemporary classical.  The value of love and the commitment to naturalness in terms of protecting and respecting the environment, as well as the value linked to the purity of the material, are reflected throughout the production chain.  A mission that is pursued by interpreting a concept of intimate luxury connected more to an interior, tactile perception of personal pleasure than an ephemeral display.
Isy by Torcitura di Domaso
Fancy yarns for knitwear are the cornerstone of Isy by Torcitura di Domaso’s production. 
For the next SS, the raw materials have been interpreted, worked and transformed by playing with tradition, elegance and experimentation to give new life to a range of yarns that are able to adapt to any type of use and astonish the most demanding clientele.  Environmental sustainability plays a decisive role with the introduction of raw materials that have a lower environmental and social impact.
There are four yarn families: Privè brings together the noblest yarns where the main material employed is silk; Shining, where we find bright, shiny yarns with metallic or iridescent effects; Paper Moon that contains patterned effect yarns, paper and ribbons; and, finally, Cotone, with yarns that are even softer and smoother to the touch.